Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Wanna WIN some $$$?

Brylcreem: Meet Soh Hem Sem[+]
VOTE for U-Jinn and Ryan!!!

Vote for Mr. Duh Does Brylcreem...[+]

OK, peeps...VOTE for these peeps...and you can stand a chance to
..if you are the 100th voter of the day!
TELL THE WORLD bout this...
RM50 a day..can go eat McD for 5 days ade...
quick, quick...if you don't get the RM50..
maybe your friends who got it will belanja you...SEE!
Thanks a million.

With love,


chingy said...

Vote vote yay!

zabo810 said...

Cool video.. I like it.. very funny..
I vote for you..
I found a topic in www.pjnet.com.my, got talk about this Brylcreem Soh Hem Sem contest, you can go in there and get more people vote for you la..
Like that more voter and can win...hehehe...

Jade said...

> chingy

hey, THANKS!
ok...thanks alot! :D

zabo810 said...

Hi Jade, just now I checked the Soh Hem Sem website, you got the most vote, congrats... hehehe...
Hey, I read through your blogs, you have this link about BMW Shorties, are you joining? I think your creativity quite good, should have a try to join.. Maybe you can make a post and get people to join you as a team. It's just a suggestion, it's all up to you. ok.. Cheers..
Check out this video, quite funny.

Jade said...

hey zabo810, thanks again!
btw, the video is not done by me, it's done by 2 of my friends. XD
...and...and... :( the results is out, we didn't get it. alarr, damn sad! anywayz, thanks!

BMW Shorties? lol..i actually wanted to join, but i've got too many assignments and stuff...and i'm kinda busy this month... TIME! TIME! i need to buy TIME! can i buy your time?!? lol...jkjk.

LOL! nice video! ok, i'm gonna blog about this video ;p

Thanks, man! XD do you have a blog?


zabo810 said...

WHAT...didn't get it... wasted... Somehow your friends must be very good in doing video..
I understand how your situation, assignments really make people headache.
I don't have blog, no time to create one yet.

Jade said...

yeah..ok..when u hv a blog do tell me!
XD thanks.