Monday, March 3, 2008

VOTE for Team Sustainable Systems!

Team Sustainable Systems

Project: Office Of The Future
Members: Akash Polra, Michael Teoh [+], Julio Ferreira, Balamurugan Venkatachalam

Power usage has reached critical levels in many countries. The biggest wastage occurs in corporations. Our goal is to reduce resource wastage in organizations by means of intelligent systems.

A typical application of our systems is when a person leaves the office and forgets to turn off his computer, printer and desk lamp. After a certain period of inactivity in the office, our system sends a message to the user's cell phone. The user then has the options to turn off the office equipments or appliances remotely. We believe offices of the future will incorporate systems like this and help sustain our environment.

Team Sustainable Systems from AUT University consists of 3 sustainable systems studying computer engineering (Aakash, Balan and Julio) and a sustainable system studying business (Michael). Our academic mentor Dr Andrew Ensor is a lecturer at AUT teaching software & mobile systems papers. Our industry mentor Keith Nicholas has a wide variety of experience in the software development field and specialises in User-Interface design. The team is culturally rich, containing team members from different countries and we all want to make the world more sustainable.

#taken from Imagine Cup 2008-
Team Sustainable Systems [+]

VOTE HERE! Remember it's
Team Sustainable Systems (AUT)!

VOTE! VOTE! VOTE...for them! Thanks a million!
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Anonymous said...

Very good idea of saving environment!
I wish them best of luck.

Jade said...

Thanks! XD
spread the word around ;p

thanks again!

Michael Teoh said...

Thanks to Jade and all those Youths out there who have Supported us.

We are really freshies from university, so we do not know where to head off. Thanks Jade again for uploading the link to her blog.

Thank You Again for Voting and Please Spread the Word!