Sunday, March 30, 2008

Officially LAUNCH!

Saturday, 29th March 2008
IACT had their LAUNCH of Diploma in Broadcasting!
And yeah... we did the opening act.

As usual, I'm behind the scene doing the sides and handling the music.
Mich, Azian, and Joe acted...while Pam was the narrator.

We did snippets of 4 famous local movies..and had the director came in in the middle to do as if it's behind the scene thingy.

1. ok..we start of with the Puteri Gunung Ledang dance by Mich, Liyana, Jue Liene, Prema, and Michelle Tang.
2. Sepet- Joe as Jason, Shing as Orked, Felicia as Lisa, Steve as the ah beng who sells CD, Shankar and Kar Kien as the CD buyers.
3. Pontianak- Azian as pontianak, Mich as mariam before she died, shankar as d one who killed her.
4. Gol & Gincu- Felicia, Mich, Shar Mein, Vy Vin, Jue Liene, Azian, Shing were the cast in G&G that day.
oh ya...we have movie watchers too...they were Teck Seng, Jesse, Arashi, Kenneth.
Lighting was handled by Mike.

Here's it after the play.

...and low ngai yuen from 3R...she gv a talk!

group pic with her...

...and so did Joel...he talked too.

...another group pic with Joel.

Joel and Jade after his talk.

...yeah...and here comes the AUDITION for a TV MUSICAL!

...they signed up!

....and THEY WENT for the AUDITION!

...of course, I did not...

...but why not...come and fly with us! lol...

With love,


...shing... said...

i like!!! this post..
fly fly fly...

Jade said...

come fly with us! XD