Monday, March 3, 2008

Generation-X in BATIK?

Here's an article from Shirin!!!

Another aye for batik in schools

I THINK Bulbir Singh’s suggestion in his letter entitled “Should we go batik?” (StarEducation, Feb 17) is wonderful.

Wouldn’t it be great if we can get all our children to wear school uniforms with batik designs? Such a measure would definitely encourage the younger generation to appreciate Malaysia’s famed batik.

I have noticed that the children in some private schools in Penang already wear uniforms with batik designs. They look adorable.

I also agree with the suggestion that black shoes would go better with batik school uniforms, and make the children look neat and tidy. Even university students wear baju kurung and baju melayu with batik designs when they attend official events. Besides looking good, this also helps to promote local culture.

As government servants now wear batik every Thursday, I think the Education Ministry should seriously consider coming up with batik uniforms so that we can become a “batik nation”.

Personally, I am a batik fan and love to wear clothes with batik designs as they make me feel “more Malaysian”.


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so, peeps, what do you think?
who loves batik here?
are you proud to wear Malaysian Batik?

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chingy said...

Erm, if the batiks are different, I might want to wear em, might.


Let's make Batik day! Ahahaha.