Sunday, March 9, 2008

F for ________?

F for Female (drama)
Written and adapted by Fariza Ariffin.
Directed by Zachary Wong & Sherry Abdullah
Featuring: Pat Chan, Fariza Ariffin, Fadzrina Ariffin, Farina Ariffin,
Sherry Abdullah & Adrina Badri.

Written & Acted by an all female cast

Everyone involved in this production came from different backgrounds, identities, religions, beliefs, personality, professions and cultures, working together in achieving a common goal, to make a statement. To show that women’s rights in Malaysia can only be achieved when everyone including women start respecting each other for who they really are without prejudice or discrimination.

-Anything for love –

The extend a woman would do for love. Some marry for the sake of money and some on the basis of love. Confusion. What does it take to be loved? Money and power or just plain sacrifice? The battle of the inner voices. Do women often compromise with their needs in exchange for love?
Featuring: Pat Chan, Farina Ariffin, Sherry Abdullah & Adrina Badri.
Directed by: Zachary Wong


One will be always be culpable for one’s actions, each person will always be judged for what he or she does…That is the irony of human life, where your mistakes come back to haunt you. One woman’s dark past comes back to haunt her in more ways than one when she at the peak of her career. A girl’s life is shattered, her future bleak and hopeless because of another woman’s action… The pure irony of human life. All will be revealed in this play…
Featuring: Fadzrina Ariffin & Fariza Ariffin
Directed by: Sherry Abdullah

Presenter: The Actors Studio
Dates: 27-29 March @ 8.30pm; 29,30 March @ 3pm
Tickets: RM20 & RM10 students, elderly, disabled
Venue: TAS @ BSC

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