Saturday, February 2, 2008

Beyond Bali-


Day 1- 24.1.08, Thursday
Kuala Lumpur / Denpasar (AK 904 Eta – 1940Hrs)

- Sat with Winnie and Boon in the plane. Had the most expensive cup noodles (RM6), Pringles (RM5), Pepsi (RM5) and mineral water (RM4) board. lol!
CS sat with Cheech, Fei with Jamie, Kris with Felicia, Mr Low with Ms May and the 2 gay partners together... princess Ryan and u-jinn! lol!!!
- Arrived at Bali Ngurah Rai International Airport. Our tourguide was Dewa!
- Went to Bali Nusa Chinese Sea Food Restaurant for dinner. Food was not bad...or perhaps we were all hungry. The hungrIEST was Cheech...LOL! her favourite---NASI! /gg
- Balik hotel (Kuta Lagoon Hotel)
- Mandi, everyone meet up for committee updates and group division.
We need to come out with a group name and logo.
JAMIE and I were in the same group! We're the "JUZ Js'!"
BooJin (boon+U-jinn), Scared leh! (fei+fel), Winnernya! (winnie+ryan)
- tido

Day 2- 25.1.08, Friday
Full day Kintamani Tour + Ubud Tour
- Breakfast, Traditional Barong Dance-bought that souvenir plate of my face on it with a Balinese gal for Rp70,000.
- Village of Celuk (gold & silver work)
- Village of MAS (wood carving center)
- Went to Padi Prada for bebek bengil (duck)- i ate duck...(at least i tried!)
- Artist’ Colony and Handicraft Centres (got some stuff there)
- Lunch at Kintamani Village ( overlooking the volcanoe- Batur Volcanic Basin, over there it's a bit like Cameron Highlands), Sai Land (Agro Wista)- a spice garden kinda place.
- Elephant Cave (without elephants)- very spiritual place with holy water.
- Dinner (balinese food)
- Stopped at the beach and we walked home. On the way back bought some stuff...cup noodles, mineral water, ice cream...)
- Swimming - it was like damn freaking hot...that's y i needed a swim. The guys swam, Jamie joined me too. Yay! and we played Marco Polo!!! :D

- Brainstorming session for new theme. Birthday party for Winnie and Ms May.

Day 3 - 25.1.08, Saturday
Full day Bedugul Tour + Tanah Lot Sunset Tour
- Stone carving...painting...wood carving.
- Stopped to buy BABI GULING.
- Pacung for Lunch...buffet and yea..i tried BABI guling!
- Beratan Lake Temple ( awesome place! we did the JUMPs!!!!)
- Tanah Lot for the sunset...nice wei! damn chun! but i think it's too comercialized ade la..soooo many people~ haih...
- Jimbaran Beach for seafood dinner. (not bad...)
- Meet-up and had some discussion.
- Tido.

Day 4 - 27.1.08, Sunday
Free day

- Brainstorming for ad unplugged (our group got the Apple iPhone!..the other was Sony PSP)
- CYCLING!!!! (Ryan, U-Jinn, Fei, Boon, CS, Kris and I went around Kuta...i just dunno why we took like hours...when the person told us it's just 30 minutes to reach the round abou there,, got lost kut. But anyways, it was the BEST thing i did in Bali! lol..another thing is now my hands n face looks like a lobster! lol.) (Felicia and Jamie went to the beach, Cheech and Winnie went shopping around in a cab.)
- Night life in Kuta... I had marinara and orange squash for my dinner. =D
- Cultural night- BALIWOOD ( We need to dressed up in Balinese culture and in our groups, we need to do a dance...LOL! i got the Best Dressed for female..and CS for male. LOL betul! i wore the nyonya kebaya with the scarf la...and we even need to explain why we wear that and all...and everyone starts to crap bout it! LOL)
- Discussion for advertising unplugged

Day 5- 28.1.08, Monday
Uluwatu Tour / Kuala Lumpur
- Presentation of ad unplugged.
- Jalan-jalan...bought some stuff...grabbed a shirley temple before going back to check out.
- Uluwatu Temple (Monkeys are huge! They stole cheech's Patrick and Jamie's spects was stolen but managed to got the spects back...arrrrrr! monkeys!...the view there was superb!)
- Shopping at Sogo or Soho? one of it la..
- Dinner at some Chinese restaurant.
-Transfer to airport...balik KL!

#Bali is now celebrating their Galungan and Kuningan Day. It is the 2nd most important day for Balinese. You can see
pengor (a bamboo kinda thing) in all of their houses and shops. There's offerings which is called channang ( on a banana leaf filled with rice, flowers, dunno wut else, n josssticks)
# The most important day = Nyapi Day on 7 March. It follows the Sakai year (lunar calender- 420days a year/ 35 days a month) They gotta stop all activities..including the airport.

#Bali- 85% Hindu, 10% Islam, 3% Christian, 2% Buddhist
# Traditional house- North=older generation , West= children, East= ceremony (die, wedding..etc), South= kitchen ( they only cook once a day)


***I really enjoyed myself very much in Bali with Creactive***
(thank you)

With love,