Monday, January 14, 2008

oops! 2007 left-outs...

keke...just remembered bout these stuff which i didn't blog about...well ok. Here goes...

9 December 2007
Zaiton + Imran Khan's Wedding

WOW~both of them looks like bollywood stars...
was so fun...get to meet my high school friends and a few of my teachers.

- behind them is...Dayang, Kay, Krithiga, Pn Lim, Sabrina, Wen, Pn Chua, Jade, Nyen, Trisha-

- Kay, Jade, Wen, Krithiga, Nyen -

1. Jade, Dayang, Janice, Yee Wen.
2. Shazlina + Jade
3. peeps at the wedding.
ok, here's it...

after that went for minum with Chiew Nyen and Yee Wen...

Best la that day....get to meet my friends. damn happy!

When will this kinda gathering happen again?


14 December 2007
IAA66's Christmas Play- Once Upon A December.
ok....M getting lazy with the photos...
urmm... here are some photos curiED from Pam's blog.
THANKS PAM! (curi-ing the photos below from her. =D)

1. Bryan + Mich as Evan + Jules...
2. Chingy, Mich, Jade, Azian, Pam all set!
3. the GALS!
4. my dear'ol class...
5. Jade + Pam

With love,