Monday, December 3, 2007

ja ja time~

let's start with the Beetle story. (just)
when i was doing my MM assignment, this bug drop down from god knows where.
and it couldn't fly i took a tissue and help it up.

i didn't want to kill i don't kill.

i went down and set it free..but aaaaa..wasted my 10 minutes for him to move off my tissue. i told him to go ...try to fly away..try to walk out...but aaa...he didn't wanted to.
i persuaded it...but in vain~
so, i just 'tiak' it and ouch! felt so sorry for it la...but he still can walk la..

next story,
work till dunno what's the time for FOOD? (1stdec-saturday)
try Corn Flakes and BBQ sauce!!!
and and...put it on your notebook filled with Psychology notes!-that's the secret recipe!
well, not bad! try it today!
recommended by: Jade, Mich, Chingy

when u are tired in class~ (that day)
waiting for your message? ask MIchelle how?
Hold up your phone this way! and wait for less then a minute! lol.

#aaaaaaaaa...ok..m gonna go back to my work!

With love,


May Hsia said...

damn funny weih!
ur post also damn cute
poor bug
buggin u while doing ur work
tsk tsk tsk!!

Jade said...

lol....dat time damn stress. so i stop and blog lo.