Friday, November 2, 2007

Fearless...are you?

Date: 2nd November 2007
Time: 9am - 3.30pm
Venue: Level 15, Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa

So, you want to be in advertising?

Spend your morning working on a brief with Malaysia's top Creative Directors! See how they think, how they review work, and what they judge as great ideas.

Kancil Awards Festival ‘Advertising Unplugged’, is a one day workshop for students in advertising where the Creative Directors will be exposing and sharing their thoughts, opinions and views about the working habits of a creative person. This year, students will be divided into groups and assigned tasks under the personal guidance of a Creative Director. To complete the "one-day in advertising experience", the group that creates the best solution will be invited to attend Kancil Awards Night.

Participating Creative Directors:

> Jeff Orr
(Regional Executive Creative Director, Grey Worldwide)
> Bas Moreu
(Executive Creative Director, TBWA-ISC\Malaysia)
> Ted Lim
(Executive Creative Director, Naga DDB)
> Daniel Comar
(Executive Creative Director, Ogilvy & Mather)
> Ronald Ng
(Executive Creative Director, BBDO)
> Rahul Mathew
(Executive Creative Director, Young & Rubicam)

#taken from Advertising Unplugged.

Here's the 125 photos i managed to capture just now.

okay, here's it's just 125 photos...and *poof*..the end of my shots. ok whatever~

1. went to meet everyone there.
2. off to Sunway Hotel.
3. The workshop begins!
4. We had to come out with a brief for TAT SING a group of 5...which consist of Sam, Dora, May, Amanda (all from TOA)...and me...(IACT). [there were 6 groups for every CD...and in every group there were 5 ppl...Well, our group is led by TED LIM]
5. We had 3 hours to do the brief.
6. *CRACK our BRAINS*****
7. ...left around 30 minutes...still discussing...till around 15 more minutes...
8. Dora started drawing...Fuh~she can really draw...
9. And yea..TIMES UP! we were the 1st to present.
10. yea..PRESENT la..bla bla...
11. critic and etc session...
12.\\\\\\\'s where the horror started////////
13. went usual..taking photos everywhere...
14. Peeps posing in front of the hotel...
15. Yupe...i took the pics...

--the 3 last damn pics i took--

16....and yea..during the process of passing the camera to CS for me to be in d photo.
17....OMFG! my heartbeat just stop for a moment or two. (as if im dead or wutever shit la)
IT WAS MY CAMERA!!!...*there it goes...down there...*'s like FCUKing man i tell u...OUCH! haih! nvm nvm... OMFG...why is this happening to me every year...damn la. (every year my camera it me? or my camera?....AAAA it's just the same's both myself. Shit betui!)
19.Aaaa..wutever...MY FAULT la..not to be careful...handling my camera. CELAKA betul!
20. HAIHZ...anyways...dun bother ade la...damn shit wei...
21. Lunch at KFC.
22. after that went back... got one side of the shoe signed by Ted Lim for me... it says "Go for it, Jade! -Ted- (thanks Ted)

23. Winners were announced.
24. CDs start talking...and sharing their experience and all.. Thank you. :D
25. Balik mood ade.
26. haih...and now sitting here. shutting down from the world.(or m i not?...i think it's the other sharing it to every god damn soul out there.)

wutever la...

GOSH! all my photos today are like shit!...perhaps i hv 6 sense...about my camera dats!

With love,
the other half of Jade.


May Hsia said...

sayang u back!
dont worry be happy k jade!

Jade said...

thanks michelle!