Friday, October 5, 2007

it's been some time....

...since this happen. ;p

yee wen came and pick me up at college to Big Apple to get the donuts.
then off to Pyramids.
met yee wen't friends at Dragon-i.
i shared with yee wen some dessert.10 bucks. :S

New friends found today:
(according to the places they sit during* sorry if wrong spelling*
Lian Kim, Hui Kee, Wei Yien, Xin Hui, Foong May, Kenvin, Josephine, Chin Hoong, and Shi Huan.
/// Xin Hui excluded....cuz i knew her that day ade.///
yea, it's her Birthday today! 17 d lo.

after makan went for ice skating.'s been like 7 over years since i last

at first kena hold the side there la...but after 2 rounds...i so bangga with
can skate d...but jatuh la. twice. that was when i lanci that time....wanna go faster lo, so jatuh la.

my 1st fall.. when i fall...2 guys came n help but i told them i dowan to come i wanna take picture of the view from down there ma....sit down there so syiok! then one of them is d jaga guy...said cannot..ish! so i jz got up by myself la...hmmp...dowan his help...dowan let me take picture. cheh!
my 2nd fall....fell on my knees, cuz i dowan my butt to get wet this lanci girl still dowan ppl's help. get up and go speed
+ what i learnt from falling? to smile.
++ when i fall ar... i dunno y im so happy that i smiled to myself...keke. aa..i jz dunno y.
+++ what i learnt from speeding? to go further and to walk the mile alone.
++++ it's nice to speed, you can feel the cold air, the wind, you can feel the fun, you can fell the freedom, and ...the independence.
well, i did help some..kekek although i myself can't balance nicely ade in times...but i managed to saves thank you. thank you.

cabut at around a NZ ice cream.
went to Tai Pan to eat porridge.
then buy some bread...then come back.

back-mandi, online...


With love,