Sunday, September 23, 2007

out again...

woke up...
had breakfast...yesterday's food ( roti john n some kuihs...which we didn't managed to finish)

then went to 1U...
Yee Wen bought a baju from somewhere..forgot d la
had brownies and cup cakes at Delicious. damn delicious...

Then went to squeeze through the crowd to watch Jac and Vince for the High School Musical.
lol. with all the kiddies..we also shouted...ekekke
Yee Wen called Xui May and let her listen to the music....ekkek..kesian her cannot come...
OUCH! i dropped my camera again..adoi..sakit hati betui.. GOSH~ why m i so careless! ish!

then bought New York Chicken at 1901.

here's what i did...snapping everything~

With love,